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"Stierlitz, the Russian James Bond."

A film by Marie-Dominique Montel and Christopher Jones
52 minutes



His name is Stierlitz, Max Otto von Stierlitz.
As his uniform indicates he was an SS officer during the Second World War.
As his uniform does not indicate, he is a Russian spy, the most famous Russian spy, the Soviet James Bond. Infiltrated into the Nazi hierarchy, he has scuppered the Germans' most daring plans. All Russians, big or small, know about his exploits. Vladimir Putin even said that it was the example of Stierlitz that convinced him to join the KGB.
As well known in his own country as James Bond in our country, he shares another common point with Agent 007. He does not exist. He is a character in novels, and especially in the most popular television series.
But why did the CIA worry so much? It is that the author, who is close to the KGB, slips into the scenario of disturbing revelations about the end of the Second World War.


Written and directed by Marie-Dominique Montel and Christopher Jones
Production: Crescendo Media Films, Salt Studio, TV History
Executive Production Russia: Les Steppes Productions
Image: Frédéric Zamochnikoff and Alexandra Dalsbaek
Editing :Frédéric Zamochnikoff
Sound: Frédéric Zamochnikoff, Alexandra Dalsbaek