A short film by Chrystèle Nicot & Antoine Alesandrini


Teleworking has left women and men alone in their homes. Naturally, sociability and birth rates have fallen. The survival of the whole human species is at stake. The office is the ideal place for rehabilitation because it has seen the height of social relations. But before physically reintegrating a workspace, it will be necessary to re-educate oneself, to re-learn the mechanisms of functioning: how to offer a cup of coffee to a colleague, how to exchange the right pen, how to answer the telephone with enthusiasm...

Written and directed by Chrystèle Nicot and Antoine Alesandrini
Production: Louis Beaudemont (Les Steppes Productions)
Director of photography: Daniel Zlobin
Actors: Denis Inozemtsev, Alessia Korsak, Lena Kuo, Katia Lojenenko, Evgueni Oreshkin, Pavel Savinov, Marina Suvorova.

Sound editing and mixing: Arno Ledoux
Image editing: Antoine Alesandrini
Translation: Taïa Kascheeva