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A documentary film by Daria Yurkevich

(Development - planned release: March 2021)


In Chernobyl's Contamination Zone, Marina, a Ukrainian “stalker” seeks to answer questions about the mess that is her life and humankind as a whole. While illegally crossing this Soviet and radioactive Atlantis she'll reveal the myths that make up its imaginary essence – the subconscious of the Zone and of humanity itself.

Director and scriptwritter : Daria Yurkevich

Production : Nicolaï Iarochenko et Louis Beaudemont (Les Steppes Productions)

Coproduction : Igor Savychenko (Directory Films - Ukraine)

DOP : Igor Bychnev

Writing grant (June 2018) and production grant (October 2018) from the French National Center for Cinema (CNC)

"Draft of a Dream" grant (November 2018) unanimously awarded by the Civil Association of Multimedia Authors (SCAM)

The film participated to Ex Oriente 2018. It is now part of the "B2B Doc" program.