"L'Ombre de Staline"

A feature-length documentary by Marie Brunet-Debaines and Thomas Johnson
91 minutes


Sixty years after his death, the cult of Joseph Stalin, one of the cruellest dictators in history, has been revived by the Russians, who have suffered so much. The filmmaker seeks to understand the causes of this ambivalence. Thanks to the inventory work carried out over the last twenty-five years by the historians and volunteers of the Memorial association, the film tells how, by relegating terror to the margins of history, its ghosts continue not only to haunt minds and power, but also to block any process of democratisation. By collecting the testimonies of the last survivors of the gulag, its objective is to participate in the reflection on the difficult and necessary deconstruction of the totalitarian system that culminated during the 20th century in the USSR and elsewhere, perhaps in order to finally learn how to thwart its traps?

Directors and scriptwritters : Marie Brunet-Debaines et Thomas Johnson

Production : INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, ARTE, GEIE, YLE

DOP : Katell Dijan

Editing : Jérôme Legrand

Music : Arthur Strakhov et Anna Zharkikh

With the participation of Procirep and the Île-de-France Region