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"Накануне" (Génération Zero)

A feature-length fiction film by Alisa Erokhina

90 minutes


Max (17 years old) is a fragile teenager who seeks the affection of his father (Oleg) at all costs. But since Oleg has left Max's mother, he no longer has time for his son.
Left to his own devices, in a society where there is no room for the weak, Max decides to take his destiny into his own hands.
Anna, the woman Oleg left his family for, becomes his obsession.


Director and scriptwritter : Alisa Erokhina
Production : Denis Kovalevskiy, Anna Shalashina, Sergueï Yakoubovskiy, Nicolaï Iarochenko
DOP : Anton Gromov
Casting : Daria Ekamasova, Vladimir Seleznev, Artem Yakovlev

With the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture