Original tile : AVANT QUE LES LUMIÈRES NE S’ÉTEIGNENT (Before the Lights Shut Down)

A short film by Wilmarc Val

2021, FRANCE

Claude is an old fairground man, hanging on to his merry-go-round which represents the best years of his life. Over the time, the people around him and different parts of its attraction disappears. One summer evening, a little girl, Emma, comes to ask Claude for rides. Emma is not allowed to go out during the day, because of a genetic diseas, that makes impossible for her to live in the sunlight. For both of them, the enemy is the passing time.

Director and scriptwritter : Wilmarc Val

Production : Nicolaï Iarochenko (Les Steppes Productions)

DOP : Paul Morin

Sound : Nicolas Boyer

Cast : Raphael Thiery, Bernard Pinet, Léna Repetto, Rebecca Pauly